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Alumna Gale Straub Empowers Women in the Wilderness Straub, BC '08 shares stories of women and their experiences in nature.

Gehman and Escobar: Universality, Intersectionality, Boldness Gehman and Escobar, both AHANA+ students, believe they can best represent BC's entire student body.

Guma and Atinizian: Accessibility, Inclusion, Improvement Guma and Atinizian hope that their platform can successfully make every BC student feel right at home.

Sepe and Bracher: Responsible, Respectful, Ready The pair of senators emphasizes importance of short-term initiatives in working toward long-term goals.

Wieboldt and Leo: Transparency, Collaboration, Fresh Energy The freshmen senators discuss improvements to UGBC budget and campus accessibility and inclusivity.

The Big Questions Three BC professors received grants from the John Templeton foundation to study philosophy and psychology issues.

‘BC’s New Mascot’ Takes Social Media by Storm Molly the Dog stakes out her spot on the Quad.

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