Bapst Clears Out For Alum’s Proposal

During finals week, the atmosphere in Bapst Library is stressful, tense, and overwhelming-anything but romantic. On Dec. 19, however, the second floor of Bapst hosted the engagement of Steve Osipow and Allison Boris, both BC ’10.

A short time before 8 p.m. when the proposal was set to take place, Osipow and a few friends began to prepare the library for the event. Dozens of electronic tea light candles were placed to set the mood, and a letter written by Osipow was passed out to the students who were using the second floor as their study space for their last few exams.

In the letter, Osipow explained his plan to the students: “I am asking, as a fellow Eagle, for the upstairs hall to be cleared for 15 to 20 minutes between 8 p.m. and 8:15-8:20 p.m. to make sure that this proposal is very special for my future wife.”

To appease the undoubtedly overtired students, Osipow offered them snacks and beverages including water, soda, Red Bull, coffee, Snickers, M&M’s, and chips, set up buffet-style in the Bapst basement.

To close the letter, Osipow offered words of wisdom for the displaced students: “Boston College is a special place,” the letter read. “It is special because the moment you step on campus, you become part of a family. It is a family that you can rely on, lean on, and help whenever asked.”

All of the students were more than happy to clear the hall, and at 7:55 p.m. the lights were dimmed and the electric candles were lit. To further romanticize the library-which was a very special place for the couple, according to Osipow’s letter-the a cappella group the Heightsmen began to sing “Only Fools Rush In.”

Osipow then bent on one knee and made his proposal to Boris, who accepted enthusiastically.

To celebrate the engagement, family and friends who had been invited to the library shared glasses of champagne until about 8:15 p.m., when the students returned to resume their studying.

“The undergrads were awesome about the whole experience, especially given that [it] was the last night of finals,” said Paul Momnie, a friend of the couple and BC ’10 and Law ’13, in an email. “Some stayed and hid in the main hall to watch the proposal, and others came up afterwards to cheer on the new couple. It really made everyone involved proud to see the class and caliber of student that continues to represent this school.”

Maddie Phelps

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