The ‘Angel’ Of On the Fly: Angelats Welcomes, Advises Newton Freshmen

Dorita Angelats makes a point of welcoming students as they walk into the mini mart she manages, located in Stuart Dining Hall on Newton Campus. With a smile on her face, she gave me a hug as we met for our interview and asked me about my morning—even though this was the first time I had ever spoken to her.

Manager and cashier of the Stuart On the Fly Mini Mart, Angelats has become something of folklore on Newton Campus. You can find her in Stuart most days of the week, making enthusiastic conversation with freshmen. Angelats has been working at Boston College for almost nine years. She spent her first year on the Heights working at Eagle’s Nest, and the next four years at the Rat. Her last four years have been spent working at Stuart in multiple positions. When she first started working at Newton, she worked during the late night shift.

“I was afraid I wouldn’t like it because it was so late, but it was a good time and I enjoyed it a lot,” she said. “The kids were so nice, and I got to see them almost every day, and I’m still in touch with some of them.”

Originally from Peru, Angelats moved here with her family prior to working at BC. During her time at BC, Angelats has expanded her role in the community beyond her responsibilities with BC Dining Services. When she worked in Lyons, she used to help students in Spanish classes practice their conversation skills. “The Spanish teachers sent students to interview me for class or to practice their Spanish, and I was able to help some of them,” she said.

Angelats said that helping students and faculty is one of her favorite parts of the job. “I like to make things easier for everybody, especially for new students who don’t know their way around,” she said. She always starts a conversation with those walking into the mini mart, regardless of the customer or time of day. Some of the undergraduate students she interacted with throughout her years have gone onto the law school and still stop by to say hello. It makes her happy to keep in touch with students and to know that she makes them feel more welcome while they are on campus.

During her time at Stuart, Angelats said that she has had many fond memories of interactions with students and staff. One of the most memorable experiences occurred when she was asked by the students to be a judge for the annual Mr. Newton contest.

While her position at the mini mart is foremost as a BC Dining employee, Angelats said that her job is meaningful to her far beyond this. She considers daily interaction with students a very important part of her job, and she does what she can to get to know many students and talk with them about what is going on in their lives. Even as I was interviewing her, she said hello to two international law students and proceeded to tell me about where they were from and what they were studying.

“I work for BC, but at the same time my job is very personal,” she said. “For any students who come here, I’m willing to help them with anything they need.”

Featured Image by James Clark / Heights Photo

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