2016 Momentum Awards

Each year, The Heights picks several individuals we feel have significantly shaped Boston College in the past school year. This year, we’ve picked a coach, a filmmaker, a group of activists, a student government leader, an associate athletic director, and leaders in entrepreneurship.

The Heights commends these trailblazers for having the strength to push the University to grow stronger, and for changing the campus we call home for the better.

Katie Crowley

2015-16 Person of the Year: Katie Crowley

Katie Crowley stares warmly at three picture frames hanging on the wall across from her desk. They all show the ...
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Momentum Award: Cai Thomas

There’s a certain energy that emanates from Cai Thomas. It’s not something that’s easy to describe, if you recognize it ...
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eradicate racism boston college

Momentum Award: Eradicate BC Racism

Last April, I met with three graduate students outside of Campion Hall under a warm, spring sun and budding cherry ...
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Momentum Award: Jere Doyle & Kelsey Kinton

A lot of people used to say that Jere Doyle, BC ’87, didn’t have a real job. When he graduated ...
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Momentum Award: Afua Laast

I was a little shocked when Afua Laast, LSOE ’16, told me to be selfish. Based on her track record ...
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Momentum Award: Carly Pariseau

If Carly Pariseau pays a visit to your office, it’s usually for a bad reason. As the associate athletic director ...
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