The Student’s Guide to Housing: Vanderslice, 90 St. Thomas More and Stayer

Beyond St. Ignatius Chapel, lining the gently curving St. Thomas More Rd., stands a powerful trio of modern-style buildings. This block of opulent on-campus lodging is composed of Vanderslice Hall, 90 St. Thomas More Rd., and the sparkling Stayer Hall (also known as “The Gate”). Decidedly the air-conditioned crown jewels of Lower Campus, this trinity of modern, suite-style comfort has long been considered the pinnacle of luxurious sophomore, junior, and occasional senior living.

For sophomores with the good lottery fortune to live on Lower Campus, Vanderslice and 90 St. Thomas More halls—known as “Vandy” and “90,” respectively—provide a more luxurious and socially tame alternative to life across The Mods in Walsh Hall. For juniors lucky enough to be granted four years of housing, Vandy and 90 are also popular on-campus options after The Gate inevitably fills. With the passing of the beloved Edmond’s Hall, however, Vandy and 90 promise to be an increasingly popular option in the upcoming semesters for juniors that intend to live on campus.

“It has really nice closet space, I’d say,” explained Vanderslice resident Omeed Alidadi, MCAS ’18, when asked about his favorite aspects of life in Vandy. “The common room is very spacious, and the location is pretty prime,” he added, highlighting the proximity to Corcoran Commons, and the Plex.

Vandy houses 423 students, while 381 reside in 90. Both feature fully air-conditioned, suite-style accommodations. Though the most common suite arrangement is that of the eight-man configuration, a few unusual exceptions also exist, like six-person suites exclusive to 90 and nine-person suites unique to Vandy.

In addition to the obvious location and amenity perks of life in Vandy and 90, the buildings also have their share of unexpected quirks providing some character. Among these, 90 offers several lounge-style practice rooms featuring pianos for student use, and unique spiral staircases connect several of the study lounges in Vandy.

Among its weaknesses, Alidadi noted that the lack of social scene between Vandy and 90 isn’t always a great thing, and the lack of excitement in the halls is at times very noticeable.

“People might stop here, but they really spend their night in Walsh or The Mods.” Alidadi added that all nights eventually lead down a similar path and find their way to BC’s great equalizer—Late Night.

“All things considered, if you’re looking for some peace and quiet, I’d definitely recommend living in Vandy or 90,” concluded Alidadi, adding that, “it’s pretty close to El Pelon, too.”

Close in physical proximity to Vandy and 90, Stayer Hall is a residence hall with an exterior that speaks volumes about its interior aesthetic. Currently, but not for long, the newest building on the scene, Stayer is nothing short of a ritzy apartment building. This towering oasis on Lower Campus houses 306 students and is home largely to on-campus juniors and seniors, featuring an array of glimmering suite-style rooms with standard partial kitchens.

“Stayer has been nothing short of incredible,” raved junior resident Brian Brooks, MCAS ’17. “The building itself is gorgeous—well-lit, carpeted throughout, and kept very clean.”

Just slightly over 10 years old, Stayer Hall’s youth is still evident, exemplified by its cleanliness and the consistent performance of its various amenities and appliances.

“The elevators are quick and efficient,” Brooks added, “though they do lack the charm that comes with the impending feeling of death provided by elevators in a building like 90.”

“Charm” aside, Stayer is a heavy favorite of juniors and seniors in non-modular housing, and it looks as though this is not soon to change.

Featured Image by Julia Hopkins / Heights Editor

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