2017 Football Preview

The 2017 college football season has the potential for serious consequences at Boston College. The Eagles enter the final season of head coach Steve Addazio’s “Five-Year Plan” with their toughest schedule in years. Addazio must navigate the most competitive conference in the country armed with a pair of inexperienced quarterbacks. But the defense, led by star pass rushers Harold Landry and Zach Allen, is ready to pick up the slack if needed. And lurking in the backfield is BC’s secret weapon: A.J. Dillon, the first four-star recruit since 2014 and the future of the program. 

Riley Overend, Sports Editor

Harold Landry

Born in the Offseason Last summer, Harold Landry trained tirelessly to become the nation's sack leader. This summer, he became a father.

C hampions are born in the offseason. Many recognize the phrase, but few understand it as literally as Harold Landry ...
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A.J. Dillon

Old School, New Team Freshman A.J. Dillon is a running back built like a linebacker—an endangered species in today's college football.

W illiam Green is arguably the greatest running back in Boston College football history. Before leaving Alumni for the NFL ...
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