Back to Boston: Off-Campus Study Spaces


y the second month of classes, you might start getting antsy when it comes time to hunker down in the library and study. Going back to your room isn’t an option—there are too many distractions—but you need another study space where you can change things up, but still be productive. So here it is, a guide to some of the best off-campus study spaces that you’ve been looking for.

The Boston Public Library

Located in the heart of the city—so just a short ride down the D line or a slightly longer one down the B line—the BPL is at the top of everyone’s study stop list, but for good reason. Whether you choose to sit in the enchanting older rooms studded with picturesque green lamps, or the newer and high-tech areas of the library, you will be surrounded by productive people and feel the energy to be just as productive as they are. And when you need a break, Boston is just outside the door, so you can take a stroll down Newbury Street for moseying through the Common to get those brain juices flowing again.

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Just a 20-minute walk from campus, Fuel is something that many Boston College student’s don’t actually discover until they live off campus, which is a shame. Make sure you’re ahead of the game by venturing to the Brighton coffee shop, and join the many other BC students that fill the space. Sit closer to the front if you want to people watch out the front windows for a study distraction, or make your way to the back if you want to wallow in your misery in the darker area of the shop, but make sure to get one of the artisanal lattes either way—it will cheer you up.

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The Museum of Fine Arts

Museums make wonderful study spaces, and the MFA is no exception. Sit in the museum’s airy café, or just in one of the chairs scattered throughout the museum, and power through some work before rewarding yourself with a spin through one of the galleries.

Featured Images by Kaitlin Meeks, Lizzy Barrett 

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