Back to School Guide: Professors Worth Taking


Angela Ards

Ards, associate professor in the English department, is new to Boston College this semester, and is teaching one of the more interesting classes offered: “Fake News: What’s it Good For?” The class looks at satire, propaganda, and all kinds of fake news across history. She’s also working on a book that examines the lives of African Americans who remained in the South instead of participating in the Great Migration. She’s already started out on a high note at BC, and freshmen should keep an eye out for her classes in the fu


Seth Jacobs

One of the stars of the history department, Jacobs turns subjects such as U.S. foreign policy and the Vietnam War into immersive and fascinating experiences. He is known to give lectures as crucial historical figures, such as Richard Nixon, all while conveying important and informative lessons. His classes fill up almost immediately every semester, so hope for a good pick time if you want to take one.

Lindsey O’Rourke

O’Rourke, assistant professor in the political science department, teaches one of the best political science electives offered—The World Wars. Beyond the basic history you hopefully learned in high school, she delves into the potential causes and ramifications of the World Wars and explores facets of the conflicts you probably never even considered. Freshmen almost definitely won’t be able to snag a spot, but if you keep it on your watch list for the future, you’ll eventually get in.

Thomas Kaplan-Maxfield

TKM’s classes are the stuff of English department lore. He’s known for looking remarkably like Mark Twain and always unleashing his particular brand of creative energy on his students. He’s written a novel called Grail Mysterium, which is an adventure set at BC, and he’s working on another BC novel as we speak. He teaches a Studies in Narrative class for incoming English majors, and usually offers electives as well.

Julie MacEvoy

Lynch freshmen, this one’s for you. MacEvoy, associate professor of the counseling, developmental and educational psychology department, comes highly recommended for your required classes. She’s an effective professor, who makes your first experience in the Lynch School a good one and prepares you for the rest of your time at BC. As you’re planning out your major requirements, keep her in mind.

The Burns Library Visiting Scholar

This final one isn’t a single person, but is still worth checking out every semester. The Burns Library brings in a new scholar every semester. Sometimes they only do research, but often they will teach a class. In years past they’ve brought some of Ireland’s leading scholars and writers. Since they’re only here a semester, their classes are one-time opportunities you should definitely check out.

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