Coffee for the Averse Blue Bottle Coffee's rich and strong brews charm coffee and non-coffee drinkers alike in numerous locations across Boston


don’t like coffee. I have never liked it, and I honestly don’t think I ever truly will. I think it is gross bitter bean water, but the one place where I actually like and enjoy it is Blue Bottle Coffee.

Blue Bottle has dozens of locations across the globe and four shops in Boston at the Prudential Center, Harvard Square, Kendall Square, and The Bowery. On the weekends, I go to the Boston Public Library to study, and when I get bored and need a study break, I head over to Blue Bottle in the Pru to refuel and get a change of scenery. 



he cafe in the Pru is situated in the center concourse near Shinola and Ralph Lauren. The coffee bar itself, featuring clean lines, wooden cabinetry, and white accents, is the definition of minimalism. The coffee bar and inside seating area are framed with floor-to-ceiling windows that look out over a green space, some outdoor seating, and a courtyard. The atmosphere is filled with soft light and minimalist aesthetics accented with Blue Bottle’s signature teal blue—a breath of fresh air in the chaos that is a Saturday at the Pru. The cafe itself was a little noisy, due to the fact that I went on Saturday and it is the Pru. But after getting my coffee and food, I headed out to the courtyard. It is a beautiful place to sit, chat with a friend, or do some homework on a nice day. 

As an inexperienced coffee drinker, I asked the barista what her favorite drink is, to which she said, hands-down, the oat-milk cortado ($4.25 pre-tax). The cortado is very bold but creamy, even with the oat milk, and features a beautiful swirl on top—perfect for your Snapchat story. The baristas at Blue Bottle are very skilled, so every coffee is served at the perfect temperature. The oat milk cortado is not too hot and not too cold and is the ideal beverage for those of us who are lactose intolerant. 



paired the cortado with Blue Bottle’s made-to-order Liège waffle ($4.50 pre tax). The waffle’s crispy, sugary crust balances perfectly with the bitter undertones of the cortado. The inside of the waffle is surprisingly fluffy, and it’s a great post-studying treat or mid-shopping refuel. 

If you have never been to Blue Bottle before, I recommend you don’t even look at the menu. Just order the iced coffee—the New Orleans. The New Orleans is honestly life changing, especially for a die-hard tea fan like me. The New Orleans is Blue Bottle’s specialty and is infused with chicory to give the coffee a smoky but sweet taste. The coffee is mixed with whole milk and cane sugar, making the whole drink taste like high quality melted coffee ice cream. The New Orleans is served to enjoy at the cafe, to go, or for purchase in adorable to-go milk cartons. 



ther star items on Blue Bottle’s menu are the ginger molasses cookie, which carries a spicy and dark sweetness; the freshly brewed loose-leaf tea, which is set to a timer for the perfect steepage; and the showstopping drip coffee. 

Vibes are very important when it comes to choosing a coffee shop to study at. I’ll be honest— the inside seating area is kind of crowded and a little loud, but the outside seating in the courtyard is stunning and peaceful even on a chilly fall day. There are plenty of tables and benches for some serious essay writing and a grass yard that is perfect for reading or scrolling through Instagram to procrastinate reading. The shop also features some pretty sweet merchandise including coffee (duh), drip coffee pots, mugs, and many more caffeine-related items. 

Blue Bottle is a pretty special coffee spot with some of the best coffee I have ever had, so if you are in the area, make a pit stop, get a New Orleans, and enjoy. 

Featured Images by Meegan Minahan / Heights Editor


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