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Stokes Set

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n mid-September, when the weather is still warm, BC students flock to Stokes Set, a concert sponsored by the Campus Activities Board (CAB). It’s the first major on-campus arts event of the year, located on the Stokes Lawn. 

The concert is a great way for students to let loose before they’re inevitably buried in schoolwork. CAB is responsible for organizing the concert and selecting each year’s performer. Rumors swirl around campus about who will be appearing at Stokes Set, but CAB is notoriously tight-lipped and only announces the performer a week before the concert. 

This year’s Stokes Set will be held on Sept. 21. Although big names like Daya, Nico & Vinz, and MisterWives have performed at previous years’ Stokes Sets, tickets are still relatively affordable, making for an event that is widely accessible to the entire student body. Tickets, typically cost around $15, are not limitless and tend to sell out, as they did last year. First-time attendees of Stokes Set might be amazed by how the Stokes Lawn is transformed into a fully functional stage complete with lighting—there’s a laid-back music festival vibe for the event. Many students opt to dress up for the occasion, and Hawaiian shirts and denim mini skirts dot the crowd.

Music Guild

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usic Guild typically brings live music to campus in periodic sound bite-sized events, and this year is shaping up to be a strong showing for the collective of creatives.

Music Guild is bringing back its collab event ALBC x Music Guild, an event co-hosted by Avid Listeners of Boston College (ALBC), a music-listening club that brings together Apple Music and Spotify users alike, for a fall showing. Although the location for the event has not yet been locked down, Alex Eichler, co-president of Music Guild and MCAS ’20, confirmed that the student organization is in talks with outside organizations to potentially move the concert event downtown this year. Eichler also confirmed that the event will be held on Oct. 4.

Last year, ALBC x Music Guild featured performances from up-and-coming and well-established student acts alike. Word on the Street, a Battle of the Bands second-round contender, will return to the scene at Music Guild events this year, but it will largely be up to new bands to fill the bill. 

Like in years past, Music Guild will continue hosting its Fall Band Showcase as well. This year’s event will be held in the Vanderslice Cabaret Room on Nov. 17. Eichler shared that Unit One, a band composed of three alums, will return to the stage for the event.

Week of Dance

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C has well over a dozen dance groups on campus, and the school loves to celebrate them year round. For the past four years, Week of Dance has hosted student-run workshops, showcases, and other ways for students to get involved in anything and everything dance. The week will end with showcases at Robsham Theater Arts Center on Friday and Saturday, allowing students to relax and unwind before finals week. The showcases will feature some of BC’s most celebrated dance groups, and give students a taste of what they are working on before Showdown in the spring semester.  

In previous years, workshop leaders have included BC On Tap, Dance Organization of Boston College, Masti, BC Full Swing, Phaymus Dance Entertainment, AEROdynamiK, Boston College Dance Ensemble, Fuego del Corazón, and Conspiracy Theory. Workshops are typically held at Brighton Dance Studio and Robsham. Workshops in the past have included warm up and stretching sessions, followed by the teaching of a combination, which is choreographed by troupe officers. 

Week of Dance is an important part of the arts community at BC because it allows the dance groups to share their work with the student community in a non-competitive setting. When BC students think of dance groups, they often immediately think of Showdown—but Week of Dance allows the groups to perform and collaborate without the intensity of the ever-popular annual competition.

BC’s dance community is vibrant, diverse, and welcoming. Hundreds of students find their home within the various dance groups that can be found on campus. Whether it’s a cultural dance group or a large troupe, joining a team has helped countless students find their family at BC. 

Week of Dance is a great way to get involved in BC’s popular and ever-growing dance community. Even if you don’t have a lot of dancing experience, the workshops can help teach you a few moves if you’re considering getting more involved. And if dancing isn’t particularly your thing, but you enjoy a good show—the weekend showcase is the perfect study break before finals week.

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