Halloween: COVID-19 Edition


he weather is getting cooler, the leaves are changing colors, and it’s time to bust out your best sweaters. It’s the season filled with pumpkins, apple ciders, long socks, and candy—it’s Halloween time. Even though you can’t dress up with all of your friends and spend Halloween as you normally would while at college, there are plenty of other things to do to get in the Halloween spirit. Here are some ways to kick off this year’s unusual holiday season. 

Watch some Halloween classics.

Kicking back after a long day of classes and winding down with your favorite childhood movie is one of the best ways to get into the Halloween spirit! Some of these classics include Hocus Pocus, Halloweentown, Twitches, The Nightmare Before Christmas, and Casper the Friendly Ghost. If you love a good Disney throwback, the followingHalloween-themed episodes are available on Disney+: “The Ghost of 613” from The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, “Torn Between Two Hannahs” from Hannah Montana, “October 31st” from Kim Possible, and “Don’t Have a Cow” from That’s So Raven. You’ll get bonus points if you accompany your TV time with Halloween-themed candy and apple cider.

Go to Salem, Massachusetts. 

Infamous for its witch trials, Salem is known to be a popular spot during spooky season. Located about an hour away on the train and settled on the water, this quirky location is a fun escape from the Boston College bubble. There are several things to do in Salem, including taking a walk tour, exploring a haunted witch house, visiting the Salem Witch Museum, and stopping by some famous Hocus Pocus sites. You can also enjoy a great meal there at local restaurants such as Howling Wolf Taqueria and Gulu Gulu Cafe. Before you plan a trip, make sure to check the COVID-19 guidelines the City of Salem regularly updates for its tourists and, while there, to practice social distancing and wear a mask.

Coordinate with your hallmates and put candy outside of your door.

This is a perfect way to get brownie points with your floor, since it is so difficult to meet your hallmates nowadays. If your hall or floor has a group chat, give other rooms the idea to buy some candy, and put it out in a bag or bucket right outside of your door. This offers a modified way of trick-or-treating, college edition. One place you can get candy right near campus is Richdale’s or a local grocery store, or you can order it in bulk on Amazon. While putting candy out and taking from your neighbors, remember to follow the CDC guidelines for the Halloween season.

Have a virtual Halloween costume contest.

Since it may be difficult to show off your costumes in person this year, make it virtual. There are so many ways to utilize social media to vote on your and your friends’ costumes—especially through the poll features on apps such as Instagram and Facebook. This way, you can still dress up and show off your creativity, but in the safest way possible. 

Find some easy Halloween recipes. 

Just because your mom is not here to make you some spooky treats doesn’t mean you can’t make some of your own in your dorm. Spoon University offers 10 no-baking necessary recipes that do just the trick, including candy corn rice krispie treats, spider oreos, and witch cookie hats. Because many dorms on a college campus don’t have full kitchens, these recipes will make it easy to put something together that doesn’t require one and still has all the cozy aspects of a Halloween treat.

Graphic by Allyson Mozeliak / Heights Editor

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